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Dell Latitude 10 in Laptops · Expect to pay £499


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If you’re looking for a basic business tablet for light use, this is a great option. The device is well optimised to be a suitable travel companion for business users, but probably not suitable for the majority of users.

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    Well optimised for business use
    Decent battery life


    Unresponsive stylus
    Oversensitive accelerometer


Tablets are becoming more and more popular. As the rise of the touch screen computer continues, Dell are continuously keeping up with the changing market and bringing solid new products to our homes and offices.


The Latitude 10 is a sleek, light and portable tablet that weighs in at a reasonable 1.75lbs/0.66kg with the standard battery installed, although this does increase quite noticeably if you install the larger battery supplied.

The device itself does feel very sturdy, but we weren’t fans of the overall finish. In comparison to the Dell XPS models that also run windows 8 and have touch interfaces, it felt very cheaply made and the rubbery feeling texture didn’t feel very nice to hold and it got scratched and dented very easily. The Windows key on the bottom was also lacking. Most of the Windows 8 tablets have a button that extrudes from the device, but this one was recessed and it felt like it took far too much effort to press.

The stylus was what really let the whole thing down. The tablet is aimed at business users, who are likely to be in meetings and taking a lot of notes. The stylus is clunky and unresponsive at times, and the tablet itself has no holder to keep it safe. You’re also only supplied with one stylus in the box so if you lose it, you’re up the proverbial creek unless you want to fork out a tenner for a new one or risk buying a cheap knock-off! It was also a shame that the stylus felt so cheap and poorly manufactured compared to the ones we’ve used for other devices. The only real positive side we could find to having the stylus was that it meant fewer finger prints on the screen.

The device has both a front facing camera and a rear facing camera. This is a great touch for video conferencing on the go and is a great match-up for the excellent Skype app for Windows 8. The 720p front camera and 8MP rear camera both produce decent quality images but the white balance was slightly off when we took some selfies in the office and the camera isn’t preset to capture at its highest resolution.

The tablet also comes supplied with a 7760mAh battery to squeeze out some extra juice when you really need it. Unfortunately, this battery is also incredibly bulky and means you can’t fit the tablet in to the case it is supplied with unless you opt for the less powerful battery. We also found the battery incredibly hard to remove, as the latch to release it got stuck every time we tried and it was too rigid to move all the way across to the release position without the help of another object.


The 10.5” screen is definitely more than adequate for a portable device running a touch-optimised operating system like Windows 8.

We noticed the auto-rotate feature on this tablet was far too sensitive and made it a chore to sit and browse the internet when sitting in an odd position. Thankfully, Dell rescued this by adding an auto-rotate lock button in easy reach of everything else. It’s not immediately obvious what this button is for, but once you discover it, you’ll be glad you did.


The processor and RAM give us nothing special in terms of mobile device specifications. We were slightly underwhelmed that you don’t get any notable performance, given the price tag.

On the Dell website, they advertise the Latitude 10’s battery life as ‘up to 10 hours’. Let’s start with saying that this isn’t right at all. We managed to squeeze out 11 hours of light use before it gave up the ghost and shut down. We were very impressed that Dell also supply a 7760mAh battery, which does give a nice boost to battery life for those long, long meetings.


As far as tablets go, it’s really nothing special. Does the job but that’s about all it does. For the price, we can’t complain. It is on the cheaper end of the tablet scale after all.



1.1x2.74x17.6 cm
0.66 kg
Operating System
Windows 8


Intel® Atom™ Processor
1.8 gHz


Standard Memory
2 GB
Maximum Memory
2 GB


Screen Size(cm)
25.6 cm
Screen Size(in)
10.1 "
Screen Resolution
1366x768 px
Aspect Ratio


Graphic Card
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator
Graphic Memory


Hard Drive
Optical Drive

Cache Memory



USB Ports
Card Slot

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