Overboard Waterproof Case

What We Think

A well thought out product that achieves what it sets out to do. Well made and reliable, it can protect your most precious gadgets when out and about, without hampering their usability too much.

Accessory Review

The Overboard Waterproof Large Phone Case and Camera Case initially don’t look very reliable. They are very thin, plastic sleeves with a lock top that promise to keep gadgets safe not only from dust, sand, and splashes, but also make them completely waterproof.

After testing however, I can’t deny that the cases I had are perfectly waterproof. With clever ‘Slide Seal System’ lock tops, the pouches seal out water up to a guaranteed depth of 6m (according to the website).

They have obviously been designed with use in mind. Clear plastic panels in the front and back of the pouches not only let you see the phone and camera displays while they are inside the case, but also let you use touchscreens through them. The clear back panel means that phone cameras can still be used, which, with the full waterproof seal, means you can turn your phone into an underwater camera. Because of the thin material, you can still use physical buttons, although it might be a bit fiddly.

I was surprised to find out that you can still use the audio features of a phone while it is in the case. I’d expect such a sleeve to muffle the sounds, and although the audio quality isn’t as perfect, it is still functional. So you can make phone calls or “OK Google” to your heart’s content, while keeping the phone safe from water and splashing.

For avid beach goers, you can’t go far wrong with the Overboard Cases. Although the plastic material is quite thin, the instruction manual quite rightly points out that common sense plays a large part of keeping the cases in full working order. Keeping them with sharp objects or in a way it will get bashed around could lead to leaks. Consequently, they probably aren’t suitable for use by young children.

You should also check the sizes out on the website before purchasing. A Large Phone Case will fit even the biggest of smart phones, but could well be too big for smaller ones. Similarly, check the measurements of the camera case, just to make sure your camera will fit.

For people who like going on beach holidays, boating or surfing, the Overboard would be perfect. It comes with a handy neck lanyard and carabiner, and the camera case has a tough, optical lens that allows a camera with an extending lens to zoom out.

The cases cost about £20, and with repeated use over several years, assuming they are treated with care, they should more than pay for themselves, even if used just once a year on a family beach holiday.

Our Verdict

For a good price and a bit more peace of mind, the Overboard Waterproof Case is a great buy. It is a cheaper option for dirt and waterproofing tech, although it doesn’t go all out and protect from knocks and bumps.

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