Taipan Superslim 13″ laptop bag

What We Think

A handy little bag with a lot of pockets to fit all your tech in one place, perfect for commuters. Only designed large enough for a 13″ laptop however, so make sure yours will fit.

Accessory Review

The Taipan Superslim 13″ expandable bag from Booq is a compact little laptop case that is handy and packed with useful little features to make your life on-the-go with your laptop easier.

Over the years, laptops have become less bulky, more streamlined and modern, and the Superslim reflects that change in design. There are no bulky compartments on the bag, and it is very functional without losing any style.

Apart from a main compartment to store a small laptop, especially designed with a MacBook Pro in mind, the case has side compartments with clever, in built pockets that can fit a charger, a phone, a pen, and a small tablet. A nice little touch is a bright orange cloth sewn into the inside of the bag that can be used to clean your phone screen. Unfortunately, the angle at which the cloth is sewn in can make it awkward to use to clean a screen, but it does cleverly line up with the phone pocket so it doesn’t flap around and get in the way.

On the base of the bag, there is another zip, which, when opened, will allows this pocket to expand by a claimed 1.7 litres, or 100 cubic inches, a useful feature which makes the bag just that bit more useful, when you can’t quite cram everything in. It is a good compromise between keeping the bag small, and fitting as much in as possible.

There is a smaller pocket on the front, which has a little detachable keychain, which, if connected to a key ring, can be used to click your keys safely into the bag, so you will always know where they are, and can keep them safe.

The reverse of the case has another, big, versatile pocket that can be used to store any notebooks or papers you need to take with you, but the central pocket is the most important. With a built in zip-protector, the Taipan Superslim will keep your tech in safe from the zips and in pristine condition.

Furthermore, this main pocket is lined with a material that feels like it is woven out of a piece of heaven. The super-soft pseudo-fur coating will not only protect your laptop from scratches, even if the case gets knocked, but also help to keep it clean. This means the one downside of the central pocket is that it can trap bits of fluff and dirt, but in doing so, keeps it off your tech.

It has two carry handles, or an over the shoulder seat-belt like strap which is detachable. It also comes with a blue, an orange and a red leather-style zip tie, which can easily replace the default, black zip ties to add a bit of colour to the bag.

My only issue with the bag is the outside design. Mostly black, it is dotted with a tiny, silver, polka-dot like pattern where the weave of the bag has been allowed to shine through. It gives the bag an optical-illusion like affect, which looks good, but also makes my eyes feel funny.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Booq Taipan Superslim 13″ laptop case is a useful little bag that should be sufficient enough to carry all your tech needs on a daily basis, and is perfect for someone with a commute. However, it IS a small bag, so make sure your laptop will fit into a 13″ case.

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