BeeWi Bluetooth Headphones

What We Think

The BeeWi BBH120 Bluetooth Headphones are pretty decent in most respects. The sound quality isn’t perfect, but is as good as you can expect for the price. The mids and highs are a little lacking, but the bass is surprisingly powerful for such a petite set of headphones.

The headphones seem pretty comfortable initially, albeit a little tight on the ears. After an hour or so of wearing them it’s a welcome relief to actually take them off and let the aching subside.

The build quality is decent enough though, and is much sturdier than you’d expect from headphones in this price bracket. The only thing I found really irritating was that when using the headphones via Bluetooth, they would often cut out for a second and resume playing again, and the microphone is pretty bad. On a phone call to my dad whilst on public transport, I had to switch away from the headphones so he could actually hear me.

Whilst walking around, I found that the smartphone cable was a lot shorter than the standard aux cable that also comes with the headphones, and was a little too short, resulting in a little tugging on the wires as I walked.


Wireless hands-free communication and music. When your headphones don’t have any battery left, you can simply plug in the wire to enjoy your music and continue phone calls. · Voice dial and redial functions, with remote access to your Bluetooth device to play, pause and skip your music. Universal – and compatible with Bluetooth hands free and music enabled devices. · Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR – about 3 mbps · Rechargeable battery – Standby time 200 hours, Music time – 20 hours

Our Verdict

If you’re not after spectacular cinematic sound, and just want a bit of freedom from wires while you’re on the go, the BeeWi BBH120 headphones are a decent option with a more than reasonable price tag.

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