QDOS Portland Case

What We Think

A clever design, incorporating a hidden stand in the case to enable you to watch videos hands-free. However, its fit is so tight it is quite difficult to put the case on and take it off. If you watch a lot of videos then this case can be very useful, but if you just want normal protection then you may want to look at cheaper models.

Accessory Review

The QDOS Portland case is for the iPhone 6, and is a stylish, lightweight and innovative design. Available in black, red or white, it has a bi-fold stand which allows you to use your iPhone hands-free, standing it up either horizontally or vertically.

There is an inside layer and an outer layer, in order to provide more protection and to allow the stand to be used. However, having two separate layers does make it quite difficult to put the case on, and pulling the stand out is quite fiddly. That said, the stand is a great feature, and it does seem to hold the phone securely at suitable angles.

All buttons and features are still perfectly accessible, and once attached the case does have a very snug fit, so it is highly unlikely to come off by accident.

It is a slightly expensive case, and the protection doesn’t seem to be brilliant (due to its need to have flexible parts), so if you want solid protection at a good price, you may want to look at other cases. However, for those of you who enjoy watching videos on their phone, you may want to try this case out.

Our Verdict

Overall, a clever case, with adequate protection. Can be fiddly to put on but the stand is a very useful feature.

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