Divoom Airbeat-10 Portable Speaker

What We Think

A splash proof portable speaker, with great features. You will struggle to find a better (or cheaper) speaker with the same options.

Accessory Review

The Divoom Airbeat-10 is a portable, wireless, splash proof speaker available in black, blue, red and white. Its very small size is quite misleading as it can play music at a surprisingly loud volume, and its bass is perfectly adequate.

This versatile speaker has a small handle attached, and the option to add a suction cup or bike mount (which twist on securely), allowing the speaker to be used in many places, such as the shower, the beach, on your car’s windscreen or on a bike.

The price is definitely reasonable for the features that this speaker has. As well as the bike mount and suction cup attachments, the product includes two short wires; a USB wire and an input jack. This means that even if your device does not have Bluetooth, you can simply use the wire to connect your device to the speaker. The USB wire is also used to charge the speaker, taking approximately two hours, and the power lasts for between four and five hours.

The speaker measures approximately three inches in diameter and two inches for thickness. It is easy to use the Bluetooth on this speaker, and the built-in microphone also means that you can use it for phone calls.

If you are desperate for really strong bass, and are happy to pay more money for it, then you may want to consider other speakers. However, we feel that the sound quality of this speaker is still very good.

The only negatives really are that this battery life is not phenomenal, and the buttons sometimes need to be pressed strongly in order for them to work.

Our Verdict

With a great price, impressive features, loud volume and good sound quality, this small speaker is definitely recommended.

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