Over the last two decades, video games have become an incredibly popular form of entertainment.

Whether installed and played on a computer or laptop, or created for use with a console, the types of games available are varied and diverse.

With options for all ages, from all genres and all sorts of difficulties, there is a game out there for anyone who wants to get involved.

Computer games

Competing against the consoles (see below), computers still make up a massive part of the video game market. With the creation of online gaming platforms like Steam, downloading and playing games is incredibly easy.

However, there are limitations on the memory of computers, RAM, and graphics card that need to be taken into account before trying to run a game on them.


The Playstation was first brought out in Europe in 1995, and was created and marketed by Sony. The device made use of optical discs, as opposed to the cartridges its rivals were using at the time. This, among other things, has helped the Playstation to survive until today, with the Playstation 4.


The Xbox is one of the main rivals of the Playstation, and is developed by Microsoft. The Xbox franchise is big enough that it balances against the Playstation, and both remain in the market. Currently, the Xbox is in its third iteration, with the Xbox One.