X-Doria Defense Gear iPhone 7 Case Review

The X-Doria Defense Gear case for iPhone 7 is certainly a good-looking case, but one that perhaps favours aesthetics over protection. That’s not to say that this case is particularly bad at protecting the phone, rather that the Defense Gear is rather basic and has room for improvement in this area.


I think that this case is one of the nicest looking that I have seen, with a simplistic but highly attractive design. The Defense Gear that I tested had a nice smart silver body, with a metallic midsection on the back, and is surrounded by an inner layer of teal rubber.

The outside is made from impact-resistant hard polycarbonate, with an inner layer of soft rubber, both of which combine to make the case absorb the impact of falls better.


  • Attractive
  • Solid protection
  • Lightweight


  • No screen protection
  • Prone to scratches
  • Quite expensive


  • Performance:3.5 out of 5 stars
  • Features:3 out of 5 stars
  • Design: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Value:2 out of 5 stars
Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

The case is very lightweight, and fits very snugly into your hand, offering a level of comfortability not reached by a large proportion of cases.

If the Silver (and teal) version doesn’t quite do it for you, the Defense Gear also comes in Space Gray (with red), Rose Gold, or Gold (with yellow) colour options.

X-Doria Defense Gear X-Doria Defense Gear
X-Doria Defense Gear X-Doria Defense Gear
X-Doria Defense Gear X-Doria Defense Gear
X-Doria Defense Gear X-Doria Defense Gear
X-Doria Defense Gear X-Doria Defense Gear
X-Doria Defense Gear X-Doria Defense Gear


The Defense Gear performed reasonably well in terms of day to day protection; there was no broken glass at all, however there were a few visible scratches to the case’s exterior after a while.

The case works in much the same way as the majority of phone cases, in that it just slips into the outside of the phone. It fits very well, and has shown no signs of popping out whenever it lands on the floor or table, so it scores well here.

However, one of the issues with the case is that it has no screen protection, meaning that your phone’s screen is a bit vulnerable, and liable to scratch or crack on impact.


On the official X-Doria website, the Defense Gear case costs $34.99 (around £28). This is a little bit over what I would be looking to spend on the case, but luckily it can be found at a slightly lower price from other retailers.

At the time of writing you can find the case for around £23 on Amazon, which is probably the maximum most people would fancy spending on a case, having already splashed out a lot of money buying the iPhone 7.

Should you buy the X-Doria Defense Gear case?

Overall, I’d say that the case is a strong performer; it’s attractive and lightweight, and offers a decent level of protection, and could make a great stocking filler this Christmas for anyone with the new iPhone 7.

The case would benefit from having a front screen protector, but not everyone is a fan of such designs in fairness. It is a bit prone to scratching, and both of these factors therefore make it slightly less viable to use. The price is also a negative for me, especially when you compare it to other cases available for the same price.

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