Laptop Buyer’s Guide

Laptop buyer’s guide

When buying a laptop the budget can dictate so many key factors, such as technical specifications, size, and brand. With our guidance you could get the same specifications for a fraction of the price.

Most people who are in the market for a new laptop will go to the big branded stores, but when buying a laptop it’s best to get it custom built.

You could buy a custom laptop with more power for the same price as a normal manufactured laptop, which is useful due to computer applications becoming more and more powerful. It could end up saving you money in the future as you shouldn’t need to buy a new laptop to cope with the application demands.

What kind of specifications to look for?

Processing Power: 3 GHZ

RAM (Random Access Memory): 4GB will be substantial, but 8GB will future proof the system.

Hard Drive: 500GB/1TB

Screen Size: The screen size is down to personal preference. If you want to buy a light, portable laptop, then maybe go for 11-13 inch screen, but if you’re looking for something to use for work then maybe go for something in between the 15-17 inch range.

Our laptop buyer’s guide covers some of the basics of laptops and laptop buying. For example, students often want a laptop with good specification, fairly light and robust for low cost. Whereas some people prefer netbooks rather than laptops altogether. And that’s before we’ve even mentioned the iPad or iPhone.

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