Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Prit Panesar

Prit is our CTO, and, quite simply, our tech wizard.

Matt Tallis

Although Matt does love technology, his true passion lies in going to the gym and playing football. When he’s not out exercising he’s writing articles on the latest tech news, running our social media accounts, and testing new products as our lead reviewer.

James Chaplin

James (otherwise known as ‘Chappers’) is the techiest of our tech-obsessed crew. A whiz at HTML, Jquery and…. other techie stuff the rest of us don’t really understand, James is constantly improving the website experience.

Mike Watts

Mike first started working for in December 2013, and was drawn to the site by a passion for tech and all things geeky. Mike spends his time putting products to the test, as well as keeping you up to date with the latest tech news.

Tyler Fisher

Tyler is an avid user of technology, particularly from a gaming perspective. His favourite games include the likes of the Fallout series, Red Dead Redemption and the Atari classic E.T. Outside of technology Tyler is a big sports fan, following football particularly closely. He is a Liverpool fan, but you shouldn’t hold that against him.

Alannah Cossey

Alannah often uses technology for gaming. She isn’t snobby as favourites include anything from contemporary greats like Assassin’s Creed and classics such as Tomb Raider, Worms and Goldeneye. When she’snot playing games, Alannah is watching any and all content from Rooster Teeth on Youtube. As well as games, Alannah’s favourite films are Star Wars and anything by Quentin Tarantino. Reading gothic horror in the dark is another favourite pass time.

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