HP unveils wireless high-speed laptop

Hewlett Packard (HP) has shown a prototype HP notebook PC using a UMTS/HSDPA network at the 3GSM shows.

High-speed UMTS/HSDPA one of the most powerful cellular-data technologies ever developed provides users with secure wireless access to email, the Internet and critical business data while “on the go”.

HP said, “The forthcoming HP Broadband Wireless Business notebooks due in autumn will support worldwide tri-band frequencies and peak throughput modes up to 3.6Mbps.”

To provide this technology, company is working with a number of telecom operators across Europe and Asia Pacific and is expected to announce details of these relationships soon.

Steven Gales, HP’s senior category manager for business notebooks said, “The new broadband notebooks will extend mobility, reliable wireless performance and secure connectivity. Connections will mirror what many users experience in the office, allowing them to work where they want to.”