Google unveils its first own-brand tablet the Nexus 7

Google have recently unveiled their very own-brand tablet the Nexus 7. The device, even though under the Google brand, is made by Asus, a Taiwanese company, rather than choosing to use their very own hardware unit Motorola.

The plan to release Google’s very own brand tablet comes after Microsoft announced to sell its own family of tablets and for more information simply click here.

The device will cost around £159 for the 8GB version that will also come with a 7-inch screen, a quad-core CPU, and a 12-core GPU. This ensures that the tablet will be able to increase its processing power in order to deal with extremely detailed graphics but will not have to eat up battery life to do so.

In comparison to other tablets on the market it has a 2.7inch smaller screen than Apple’s iPad and weighs slightly less, weighing in at a mere 340g. In relation to Amazon’s Kindle and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2, the Nexus 7 is of a similar size.

Furthermore, it is the first Android device to offer Google’s Chrome internet browser as its default option.

The first countries within which the device will be released are the US, UK, Canada and Australia. In terms of price, the Google Play site suggests that the 8GB model would sell for £159 and the 16GB version for £199 in the UK.