Ultrabook sales look set to climb

According to a new study from ABI Research, shipments of the machines should rise to 21 million by the end of 2012, with the launch of Windows 8 and the release of numerous new models contributing to the trend.

An example of an ultrabook – a name first used by Intel to describe its ultra-portable computers – is Apple’s MacBook Air, which is the most popular device of this type on the market at present.

Josh Flood, a senior analyst at ABI Research, explained sales of ultrabooks have been hindered recently while consumers awaited the release of Windows 8.

However, the picture looks set to change with the operating system now available. Mr Flood stated: “A number of consumers have held off from computer purchases so they could purchase an ultrabook with Windows 8 during the year.”

In addition, the flood of new product releases is likely to result in purchasers being enticed by the reduced prices older systems are set to take on, the expert added.