IE 11 developer preview released

Although the launch of Windows 8 has not gone to plan for Microsoft, the Seattle-based firm is hoping its new edition of Internet Explorer (IE) will change the market.
Currently, Google’s Chrome browser is the most popular in the world and is increasing its growth every year.
Conversely, Internet Explorer has become used by fewer people and has been rejected by many technology bloggers as being too focused on style rather than substance. Complaints about processing speed have also been levelled at the browser.
However, the latest developer preview of IE 11 will provide a tranche of new features that some analysts have claimed could change the way sites are coded for the better.
For example Live DOM Explorer and CSS inspection tools that refresh with the page could allow developers to iteratively see how apps are being rendered.
While this is a relatively technical change, ease-of-use is very important for coders, who are increasingly finding it difficult to build websites in different languages, as they had to in the past.
A spokesperson for Microsoft said: “IE 11 provides the best web experience across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes with mouse, keyboard [laptops] and especially touch.”