Intel believe 2 in 1 laptops will replace tablets

Intel believes the innovation of two in one laptops could mean tablets become a thing of the past.
The company’s chief executive, Tom Kilroy, stated the poor launch of Windows 8 meant that PC and laptop sales suffered and gave tablets a headstart in the market, according to the Daily Telegraph.
But he said the rise of two in one laptops, which combine the keyboard, touchpad and power of a laptop with the high-resolution touch display of a tablet, could mean that traditional laptops are given a “shot in the arm”.
Intel, which is launching its new Haswell chips at the Computex computer exhibition in Taiwan, has seen a huge drop in the number of PCs bought by increasingly mobile focused consumers in the past few years.
Mr Kilroy said: “The days of carrying around a smartphone a tablet and a notebook are numbered – the discrete tablet as we know it will go by the wayside and the two in one will be the future.”
The Intel boss also stated if Windows 8 sales had been higher, two in one devices would have seen more shipments in 2013.