Haswell laptop chips leaked prior to June launch

Details of the first Intel Haswell-based laptop chips have been leaked ahead of their scheduled launch by small German manufacturer DevilTech.

The firm has updated its website with information about upcoming new models that are set to come with Haswell processors, local news agency Heise reported.

According to the source, the chips found in the laptops are the Core i7-4700MQ, the Core i7-4800MQ, the Core i7-4900MQ and the Core i7-4930MX, with the former believed to run at 2.6GHz and possibly hit 3.6GHz in Turbo Boost conditions.

Meanwhile, the i7-4800MQ is said to jump to 2.7GHz and even stretch to 3.7GHz with a Turbo Boost, but it does not seem to include the increased 8MB of cache of its last-generation i7-3840 predecessor, with 6MB appearing on the specification sheet instead.

Intel is not due to officially unveil the specifications of its Haswell processors until June, so consumers will have to wait for these details to be confirmed.

However, it seems that in comparison with third-generation Ivy Bridge processors, the Haswell product range could boast a far speedier graphics processing unit and faster central processing unit.