HP and Google show off Chromebook 11

HP has unveiled its new Chromebook 11 – which the company has been working on alongside fellow technology giant Google.
The laptop is described as being ultra-thin, super responsive and “gorgeous” by the company.
HP’s Chromebook 11 is the first in the line to make use of USB charging and has an estimated street price of $279.99 (£175.70).
The USB charger facility means that users will be able to use the same charging device as they might use for their Android tablet or phone.
Other features users can expect include a webcam, full-size keyboard and speakers which are digitally-tuned.
The Chromebook 11 also comes with 100GB of storage via Google Drive, optional 4G connectivity and a 60-day trial of Google Play Music All Access.
It boasts an 11.6-inch IPS screen with a 176-degree viewing angle – offering clear images that are easy to share.
Battery life is also expected to last for up to six hours.
HP says it plans to sell the Chromebook 11 through its commercial channels alongside the Chromebook 14 to both businesses and schools.