New rumoured iPad 5 colours leaked

Two new colours for the rumoured iPad 5 have been leaked.

According to, which carries pictures of the devices, consumers will be able to get space grey and silver versions of the popular tablet.

As can be expected, the unit is thinner than previous models and will likely be substantially lighter for easier mobility.

Leaks also showed a number of internal components and Apple bosses will likely be furious at the production centre for not spotting a staff member carrying the unit outside of restricted areas.

However, as of yet, the Cupertino-based firm has not even announced a new iPad, so it is unlikely any reaction to the rumours will be met with official comment.

While Apple has faced increased competition from Samsung in the smartphone space, the company still dominates the higher-end of the tablet market and has global brand recognition.

Apple recently released its iPhone 5S device in the UK and demand has been so high the phone has sold out, with retailers unsure when new shipments will arrive on store shelves.