New ethical social media site Ello gets investors

Social media has become a fundamental part of a huge portion of people’s lives. With that comes the barrage of advertising whether you like it or not.

Companies are making a lot of money by using this form of media for advertising and very often by selling data gathered from users.

Recently, Facebook were involved in an arguably unethical study in which they manipulated people’s newsfeeds to see how they’d react. There is a new social media emerging that promises never to pull stunts like that namely Ello.

Despite being around for a few months already, Ello, has now received funding (of a reported £3.4m) by investors, and become a Public Benefit Corporation.

This means that any future owners will not be able to break the promise that the site is built on, that Ello will remain free, despite the fact that “Ello doesn’t sell ads. Nor do [they] sell data about you to third parties.”

The site was created by a group of artists and programmers, and is inclined towards more art based sharing. However, you can only get on the site if you are invited, or if you request and invitation.

The catch is that the site will make money of several micro payments users can pay to access more and more features, which, some argue, is a much fairer way for them to make money as opposed to gathering and selling data on you.

On the downside however, with more and more social media sites and apps trying to make it, the public may soon get bored of new ones, and stick with the tried and tested ones, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The success of a new social site or app seems to be dependent on approaching things in a new way. Snapchat revolutionised temporary photographs, and Tinder focused on getting people to meet in real life. Whether Ello will be different enough to make it remains to be seen.