What to Expect from Laptops in 2018

This year will see exciting innovations being revealed in the next 12 months that will give consumers a different experience of Laptops.

Intel is Making Slim Laptops Powerful

Arguably the most impressive revolution came from Intel. The company already made a technological statement during the Autumn of 2017. It released its 8th generation ‘Kaby Lake Refresh’ chip. The chip allows thin, light laptops to easily obtain the power of 4 CPU scores. Even the most expensive, light-weight laptops can achieve a highly significant improvement in performance up to 91% compared to 2016’s chip.

However, Intel only released a consumer version of the chip, the business version will be available in 2018. Because many companies want Intel vPro manageability and TPM encryption — features the current line-up of 8th Gen Core chips doesn’t offer — vendors haven’t refreshed their business laptops with 8th Gen CPUs. In addition to this, Dell, Lenovo and HP may follow Intel and release their own Latitudes, ThinkPads and EliteBooks that will have 8th Gen Core processors. Essentially, if consumers want the power of a CPU in the sleek design of a slim tablet or laptop, they may be able to get that in 2018.

Microsoft and Qualcomm Creates Long Lasting Laptops

During 2017, one of the most significant developments came from Qualcomm and Microsoft. The companies announced a new generation of laptops that can run full Windows, using the mobile chipmaker’s Snapdragon processors. These laptops can last over 20 hours on a single charge using low power chips. This is the aspect that will set the technology apart from other laptops because people will be able to take their laptops anywhere and be confident that they can use them for the entire day without the need for a plug socket. Users will always be connected, with 4G LTE modems included in the laptop technology. The aim it to be as connected as a smart phone, completing downloads and receiving alerts even in sleep mode.

Innovations from Ryzen

Gamers have received the benefits from AMD. The company released its Ryzen Mobil processor in 2017; a laptop friendly variety of their powerful Ryzen platform. In 2017, the Ryzen Mobile Chips were only available in two laptops: the HP Envy x360 and Acer Swift 3. With the inclusion of the Chips, the Envy x360 with Ryzen 7 often outperformed a nearly-identical Envy x370 with a Core i7-8550U chip and the results were particularly dramatic regarding graphics. In 2018, AMD will almost certainly release high-wattage chips that go into gaming laptops and compete with Intel’s HQ and HK series. Such chips could bring further competition to the gaming laptop arena, with the hope of decreasing prices and increasing performance.

Apple is Getting With the Programme

Apple appears to be following in the footsteps of long-standing rival Microsoft. It has become apparent that Apple will make it much easier for app developers to create universal apps that can work on desktops and laptops as well as phones and tablets. This follows Microsoft and their established effort to make all apps available on all devices. More information is expected to be released following Apple’s World-Wide Developer Conference in June 2018.

Another Windows 10 Update

Finally, Microsoft is set to release two major updates for Windows 10 during 2018. The Spring and Autumn will see various improvements. These include: a timeline feature that keeps a history of what you were working on; a Sets feature which lets you create groups of apps for different workloads; and a new, “fluent” design language which appears in first-party apps such as Edge.

Overall, there are many possibilities for laptops during 2018. Consumers will receive benefits whether their concern is extended battery life or improving laptop performance for gaming. Either way, 2018 will bring about many exciting developments.