Hard Drives and Storage

External hard disk drives (often called hard drives, hard disks, or simply HDD) and storage solutions give peace of mind should your PC or laptop fail. They can store and transport data easily between computers, and usually have a much larger capacity than flash drive USB sticks.

Hard drives are constantly increasing in size-for-value. A common size now is between 500GB and 1TB, but this was not common just a few years ago, and definitely not as cheap as now.

This ratio is likely to continue to grow. When shopping for a hard drive, it is important to check the memory and make sure that you will have enough to suit your needs.

Western Digital MyBook External HD

What We Think Western Digital’s MyBook hard disks truly do take transfer speeds to the next level, its huge capacity and great performance for all under £100 certainly make it a worthwhile buy if you’re after speed and storage. Accessory Read more…

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB USB External Desktop Hard Disk Drive

What We Think A great back up solution as long as you don’t mind buying extra for additional features or won’t keep it constantly on as the drive runs rather hot Accessory Review The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB USB2 external Read more…

LaCie 500GB Rikiki Go USB Hard Drive

What We Think If you’re after a small hard drive that has a large 500GB capacity that features USB2 which can be connected instantly to either a PC or Mac then this is certainly a great choice. Accessory Review The Read more…

Apple Time Capsule 1TB/2TB

What We Think If you own a Mac, want to stick with Apple and want to wirelessly back up everything seamlessly and without hassle, this is the product for you. Accessory Review The Time Capsule comes in at 19.7cm in Read more…


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