Headphones seem almost like a necessity in life for many people nowadays, especially as music streaming has taken off. There are many different types of headphones, such as wireless, sport, in-ear or over-ear headphones.

Prices range enormously, often just depending on the brand rather than the actual sound quality, so it important to make an informed decision before you buy any headphones.

If you do not really care about sound quality you can pick some cheap ones up that will do the job, but if you are really sensitive about aspects such as a powerful bass, you may want to spend more.

You can find our reviews on headphones below:

Betron HD800 Headphones

Betron HD800 Headphones Review

The Betron HD800 Over-Ear Headphones provide great audio at an excellent price, in addition to being incredibly comfortable and light. Are they good enough to make you ignore the high-end headphones market and choose this affordable pair? Design The first Read more…
Urbanista Berlin

Urbanista Berlin Wireless Earphones Review

Quite simply, the Urbanista Berlin Bluetooth earphones are good at what they do; wirelessly streaming music directly to your ears in a reliable and easy manner, without falling out or inconsiderately running out of battery. While I use a separate Read more…
Urbanista Seattle

Urbanista Seattle Headphones Review

A handy pair of headphones that are great for day-to-day use. It’s nice to see the extra thought that went into the design with the ‘leap frog’ style music share feature. What we think The Urbanista Seattle headphones are minimalist Read more…
XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones

XQISIT iE200 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones Review

The XQISIT iE200 magnetic Bluetooth in-ear headphones are very clever, allowing users to clip the ear pieces together via magnets, to both pause the music and prevent the earphones from falling away when they aren’t in your ears, which is Read more…
Wraps earphones

Wraps Headphones Review

We all know the frustration of pulling your headphones out of your pocket and, no matter how carefully you stored them, they are inevitably tangled up. Wraps aims to solve this, having thought outside the box, and having incorporated style Read more…
Steelseries Siberia v3 Prism

Steelseries Siberia v3 Prism Gaming Headset Review

What We Think The Siberia v3 Prism is an impressive gaming headset, with good sound and great customisable RGB LED lights. Very good for serious gamers, but not the best buy if all you want is a pair of every Read more…
Ue 6000

Ultimate Ears 6000 Headphones

What we think The UE 6000 is an impressive pair of headphones at an equally impressive price. With a stylish look linking DJ, gaming, and regular headphone designs together, it provides a strong audio quality as well as comfort, without Read more…

SuperTooth Melody Wireless Stereo Headset

What We Think These headphones aren’t terrible, nor are they great. They are easy to use and have a good battery life. Nevertheless, the quality of build and sound is a disappointment, especially as they cost £69.95. Accessory Review Inside Read more…

Monster Turbine PRO High Performance In-Ear Headphones / Gold

What We Think A great and affordable pair of in-ear headphones that offer low mass, wide bandwith driver for precision in response, black chrome all-metal housing that eliminates vibration for pure sound. Monster isolating eartips in multiple sizes to provide Read more…

JayBird Bluetooth SB2 Headphones

What We Think Just like the SB1 headset the SB2 can be used to listen to music wirelessly from your phone or iPod and can be used to place and receive calls. A great pair of headphones for a great Read more…
SR60i headphones

Grado SR60i Headphones

What We Think The update from the SR60 to the SR60i is respectable and a significant improvement. However, the quirky design certainly makes these headphones a potential fashion hazard. Nonetheless, the sound quality is beautiful. Accessory Review Grado are a Read more…

BeeWi Bluetooth Headphones

What We Think The BeeWi BBH120 Bluetooth Headphones are pretty decent in most respects. The sound quality isn’t perfect, but is as good as you can expect for the price. The mids and highs are a little lacking, but the Read more…

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