Cygnett Aerosphere iPad Sleeve

What We Think

A rather groovy and comfortable laptop case that can protect your iPad in a perfect companion for those groovy trend setters.

Accessory Review

This iPad case is certainly cool and looks like its come straight out of a science fiction film. It looks weird, is certainly groovy to touch and is rather comfortable to carry around even with the iPad.

The double ended zip is another gimmick that even though bulky seems rather sturdy considering my personal over use. Furthermore, even trying to stretch the actual laptop bag achieved nothing. This is certainly a rather great iPad case.

You may be tempted, considering the bubble wrap design, to squish and squash the bubbles until they burst. However, I warn you now you will not be able to and Cygnett are so sure of this they even provide a 2 year warranty.

All in all then it looks tough, protective and groovy, besides that there isn’t really much to it.

Our Verdict

A groovy iPad case with a design of soft air bubbles allowing for great protection whilst creating a unique style and look. The Cygnett Aerosphere iPad Sleeve looks and feels as though it’s from the future.

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