Exspect iPad Case

What We Think

A great iPad case offering luxury and practicality in one.

Accessory Review

In less than 60 days after the release of the Apple iPad, Apple announced they have shipped over two million since it first went on sale. With the iPad growing in popularity, despite it’s downfalls, there is always the fear of damaging or even, god forbid, dropping it whilst you’re on your travels. Nonetheless, Exspect have come to the rescue and to provide you with some reassurance. Releasing a new selection of cases ranging in price and all aimed and designed to suit a range of styles and needs you will never have to worry about the safety of your iPad again.

This Flip Case is perfect and offers you safety and practically all bundled into one so you can watch your videos, have access to your iPad and still make your iPad feel safe.

The flip case is made of luxurious and ultra-soft Nappa leather and offers full protection to the iPad yet simultaneously offers full access to all functions with its incorporated frame design and magnetic close.

Our Verdict

This luxurious leather flip case for the Apple iPad is made from ultra-soft, high quality Nappa leather and the interior is lined with ultra-soft Nappa leather too, offering maximum protection for your iPad. Along with this the case has an inserted frame design so your iPad simply slides in and yet still allows you full access to all functions.

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