Eye-Fi Connect X2 4GB Wireless SDHC Memory Card

What We Think

An easy way to save and share photos that automatically uploads photos and videos to your computer and to your favourite website including the likes of Facebook and Youtube.

Accessory Review

The Eye-Fi memory card looks like a normal memory card. It stores media like a regular memory card and fits into any standard SD/SDHC memory card slot.

Built in Wi-Fi

However, unlike usual memory cards the Eye-Fi card has built in Wi-Fi that simply connects to your wireless network and effortlessly transfers photos and videos. As a result of this all your media will be stored on your computer and your choice of popular media sharing website. There are no cables and it is all hassle free.

It is as simple as this, upon setup specify which networks the Eye-Fi card should use to transfer your media and as soon as that network is in range your camera will automatically transfer your media.

Our Verdict

You may think it’s a rather expensive 4GB memory card, but the Eye-Fi Connect X2 4GB Wireless SDHC automatically uploads your photos and videos to your computer which is rather helpful and makes sure you don’t miss or accidently delete any cherished memories.

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