i.comfort Mini Massager

What We Think

The i.comfort Mini Massager is a perfect handy pain reliever that can be slipped into your bag or left on your desk – your aches and pains solved.

Gadget Review

If you have aches and pains and just wish you could carry around a massager to use whenever necessary, Oregon Scientific have a solution for you. The i.comfort Mini Massager is a small pain reliever that is very small and perfect to keep on your person for when pain strikes – whether during a long car journey or at the office.

However, you will have to make sure you’ve bought the batteries as they don’t come with the i.comfort Mini Massager.

Easy to use

Small, versatile and very easy to use. The i.comfort is a great massager which, with its egg-like shape allows you to reach your back, neck, elbow or side without a problem.

Further still, with the clock in the base of the unit you can leave it on the desk as a timepiece. However, we must admit it looks rather odd. The massager itself is a green egg-like object made of rubber.

The i.comfort will help you to make it through to 5:30pm without needing to get up and show everyone what you learnt at last night’s aerobics class.

Calming massages

The i.comfort has no buttons, so you simply press the tactile rubber massager on your shoulder, neck or back and flick a switch to get it buzzing. It feels like any other massager would. A calming, reassuring buzz is accompanied by a very pleasant sensation.

The i.comfort Mini Massager comes with 2 interchangable massaging modules which are changeable in order to fit different massaging preferences or parts of the body.

Our Verdict

The i.comfort Mini Massager is truly versatile and does exactly what is says on the packagin. It’s simply a small, portable and easy to use massager that won’t replace your sports massage, but certainly feels good.

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