Photography and Graphic Design

Photography apps and software are very popular nowadays, helped by social media sites such as Instagram. People often want to edit their photos, create collages and even ‘enhance their selfies’, and the software and apps available now allow this to happen quite easily.

Generally, only software is used for major photography work, as apps are much more limited. Adobe Photoshop is arguably the most popular photography software available, used by many to carry out high-quality editing, resizing and more.

If you are just looking for basic photo editing, then you will enjoy a lot of the photography apps available, of which there are many.

Images are not just limited to photography. Graphic design is an ever expanding and ever more important market.

For creations such as posters and leaflets, Adobe InDesign is popular among graphic designers. When creating vector graphics such as logos and icons, Illustrator is commonly used. Of course, many other programs and apps are available.

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