Replacement Cmos Battery 3V Compatible For HP, Dell, Sharp, Fujitsu, Panasonic CR2032 BC13 Bios RTC Price: £5.00 (as of 01/01/2024 16:08 PST- Details)



Attention!Please carefully check the last photo as these stated laptop models contain 2 pin batteries which can have two differently shaped/ sized connectors; don’t be misled by the part number – Even if your model matches one given on the title you need to be certain that the connector is identical to this or it may not fit due to revisions of the same models CR2032 Lithium Button-cell Battery with PVC Wire Connector; Capacity of 220mAh Nominal voltage: 3V Nominal capacity: 220mAh Recommended continuous drain: 0.2mA Recommended pulse drain: 16mA Diameter: 20.0mm Height: 3.20mm Weight: 3.0g Low self-discharge rate and stable discharge voltage Wide working temperature range: -20 to 60C Product Certifications: UL,ROHS,UN38.3,SGS,REACH. Please note that these are 2 pin versions Thecolourof the battery wrapping(e.g. black) may vary but you will receive the exact the same item specified. You can find the 3 pin version at the link below: Please note that in my recent batches of batteries that I order directly from the factory that manufacture them I have requested no printing or writing on the outer plastic shrink wrap since they sometimes came with specific part numbers relating to specific laptop models and I wanted to remove that confusion for customers The photo is for illustration purposes only ref BM382

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