Kensington Portable Ergonomic Laptop Cooling Stand Price: £32.53 (as of 02/01/2024 15:12 PST- Details)


With over 20 years of ergonomics expertise, trust Kensington to maximize your desktop space with this professional laptop cooling stand. Our patented SmartFit System allows you to customise the height and angle of your laptop screen using the included hand chart to find your personal comfort colour. The Easy Riser lifts your laptop off your desk, promoting airflow to improve battery performance and ease the strain on internal components.
SmartFit SYSTEM – Allows you to dial in your ideal height setting using the colour-coded fitting chart, with up to a 50-degree tilt angle so you can make a fast adjustment in two easy steps
Secure Fit – Padded inserts provide non-slip stability for any laptop between 12″-17″, keeping it firmly and safely in place while you work
INCREASED AIR CIRCULATION – By lifting laptop off the desktop, it dissipates heat buildup and keeps the laptop cooler, easing the strain on the battery and internal components
HIGHLY PORTABLE – Designed to quickly and easily fold flat so it saves space in your bag when you’re traveling on long or short trips
REDUCES HEAT BUILDUP – by providing constant airflow, which reduces battery strain and improves your laptop’s operating efficiency
2 YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED – for your peace of mind

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