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Protect your privacy and keep your information on the screen secret from the eyes of others.
When the privacy film is attached, only the user of the notebook can see the contents on the screen. The contents are protected from prying eyes from an angle of 30 degrees right and 30 degrees left of the screen. The notebook user clearly sees screen data while others see a dark screen from the side.
Anti-scratch and anti-dirt function: this product can prevent scratches and dirt caused by dust and fingerprints.


The privacy filter helps prevent 96% LF and 99.9% UV radiation to your eyes. The surface reflection external light Einflüße, a maximum of 5.8% rate of reflection can be reduced. No static and no Verstauben the window film. You can enjoy your private documents and images at anytime and anywhere to put the protection against.
You can protect your privacy and keep your information in the screen from the look of other Secret
The protective film is attached, can see the user of the laptops only the contents on the screen. The contents is above an angle of 30 degrees right and 30 degrees left of the screen to put the protected and invisible to naked eye. The notebook users sieht Screen data transparent, with other see a dark screen we are dispatching would be one of the side
Anti scratch and anti Schmutz function – this product helps prevent scratches and dirt from dust and finger prints.
Easy to fit and used again and can be used – The apply the screen protector easy to install. In addition, this view screen protector can be repeatedly used.
No reflection of the screen

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