Privacy Filters for 14 Inch Widescreen Laptops Screen Monitor Anti Glare Protector Film Black Lapt


With this intelligent LCD monitor darkening filter, you can now protect your private data and discourage potential intruders from picking up confidential information, while you are working on your PC or laptop! Specifications: Device Compatibility: 14.0 Inch widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio PC laptops (measure your screen diagonally). Measured Diagonally, Corner to Corner Without the Frame. Diagonal Length: 14.0 inches (356 mm) – THIS MEASUREMENT IS CRITICAL Height: 6 7/8 inches (6.85 inches/174 mm) – THIS MEASUREMENT IS CRITICAL Width: 12 3/16 inches (12.2 inches/310 mm) – THIS MEASUREMENT IS CRITICAL Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Material: PET and environmental silicone Installation: 1.Divide the adhesive strips and tear off the protective film; 2.Put two long adhesive strips on the side of the screen, two short adhesive strips on the bottom of the screen; 3.Select the privacy filters desired side and insert it from top to bottom. How to find the right privacy filter for your screen? Determine your screen type. Find Your Privacy Filter:If you aren’t sure about your desktop screen size, just take a tape & measure the screen diagonally, excluding the frame. Use your measurements to select the correct size privacy filter. Step 1: Observe the type of screen you have – Look at your device, is the bezel raised or flat? – A raised bezel will have a raised frame – A flat bezel will have edge-to-edge touching the sides of your frame. Step 2: Measure Your Computer Monitor Screen – With a raised bezel, you have to measure the height (H), and width (W) of the viewing area of your bezel. – With a flat bezel, you will need to measure full height and width, making sure to measure from edge to edge.
keep your personal or confidential information private with an effective “black out” privacy from side views. You see clearly while onlookers see black.
Fits 14″ widescreen laptops,frameless design makes it easy to install and uninstall.
Our Laptop Privacy Screen also helps keep your screen safe from dust and scratches.
Stop giving access to your private information to the ones around you outside the 60 degree viewing angle.
Our Privacy Screen for Laptops not only provides privacy but also protects your eyes by filtering out 97% UV and curbing blue light by 70%.

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