Feitian ePass FIDO-NFC Security Key

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There is no limit to the number of accounts registered in ePass FIDO -NFC Security Key.
Other than USB interface, FEITIAN ePass FIDO -NFC also embedded NFC module into its key-shaped compact body. Users can easily use the ePass FIDO -NFC for registration and authentication with their mobile phones or other devices with NFC sensor.
Pre-installed FIDO U2F and OATH HOTP applets. Using SHA256 with ECDSA on P-256 for FIDO U2F together with OATH compliant HOTP with SHA-1.


Feitian ePass FIDO-NFC is a FIDO Alliance certified U2F authentication key. Unlike traditional second-factor authentication devices, FIDO U2F provides a much more convenient solution to replace or be a plus of the traditional password. Only one key Feitian ePass FIDO-NFC is able to protect an unlimited number of applications. Each application will receive an individual key pair. Feitian ePass FIDO-NFC uses high performance NXP secured elements. In addition to generating powerful key pairs for the FIDO U2F application, the smart card JAVA platform within the secure element also provides space for other applications. An OATH OTP password application is also preinstalled in our Feidan ePass FIDO-NFC. ePass Fido NFC : http://download.ftsafe.com/files/FIDO/Manual/ePass%20FIDO-NFC%20Manual_1.pdf OTP Tool : http://download.ftsafe.com/files/FIDO/web/ePassFIDO-NFC_OTP_Tool_3.7.zip
Wireless communication powered by USB and NFC for compatible devices.
Supports Chrome OS, Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android.
Prevents any phishing or man-in-the-middle. Site-specific keys. OATH OTP applet pre-installed.
USB compatible CCID, including secure element and JavaCard.
Stock and support from France.

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