Toshiba Encore Review

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The Toshiba Encore isn’t a tablet that jumps out at you due to its beautiful design nor does it include anything that you haven’t seen before. Quite simply it’s one of the first smaller Windows 8 tablets. However, sometimes being the first does not mean being the best.


The smaller tablet market has been pretty much a battle between the iPad Mini and some of the smaller Android tablets. However, Microsoft are finally entering the market, as usual, after everyone with one of the first smaller Windows 8 tablets. Please hold the excitement.


When it comes to design this really is the most basic design. The rear is constructed from plastic and there is nearly an inch of bezel all the way round. The Toshiba Encore is 10.7inches thick, that’s 10.5inches thicker than the iPad Mini. Furthermore, it weighs 408g, which is nearly 70g heavier than the Nexus 7.

So far the Toshiba Encore has not got our blood racing. The rest is quite simple, the screen is not that impressive and it feels okay in your hands. Then again what do you expect from a tablet priced around £260. Well, the New Nexus 7 costs £240, features a 1080p HD screen and is only 8.7mm thick and weighs 300g. Has the Toshiba Encore gained your attention yet?


In terms of performance, well its video playback is jumpy and its Atom processor seems outdated and too slow. When it comes to storage you are met with the standard 32GB or 64GB. In addition, it includes a mciroSD slot, which means you can increase the storage size by another 32GB. The Toshiba Encore includes 2GB of RAM, a 2mp front-facing camera and a 8mp rear-facing camera. The New Nexus 1.2front-facing camera and a 7 features a 5mp rear-facing. The Toshiba Encore also comes with a micro HDMI, microSD and micro USB.


If Microsoft wish to enter the smaller tablet market and make a serious presence they need to make them alot smaller and alot better in terms of performance. Especially considering if you’re after a basic tablet then there are a number of better Android options. In short, the Toshiba Encore cannot be placed on any shortlist. If you’re after a ultraportable tablet then you’re better off looking at the New Nexus 7 or if you have a little more money to spend then perhaps the iPad Mini. As previously mentioned if you’re after something basic then perhaps the Acer Iconia B1, the Kindle Fire HD tablet or even the Acer Iconia A3.

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