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LG Electronics, a division of LG Corporation, the South Korean technology giant, has been competing well against the market heavyweights such as Apple and Samsung for many years.

With a number of innovative creations over the years, LG has helped the development in technology and designs of mobile phones. In 2014, LG sold almost 60 million smartphones worldwide.

LG is also a major player in the television and home entertainment market, as well as a number of other technology markets.

Nexus 5X

Google Nexus 5X Review

What we think The Google Nexus 5X, produced by LG, is the impressive successor to the Nexus 5. We have tested this phone thoroughly, and we’re impressed with Google’s new beta software, “Android N”. The Nexus 5X boasts a 12.3MP Read more…

Nexus 5 Review

Laptops Thinks The nexus 5 is Google’s new flagship Android phone. Following in the well-trodden footsteps of its predecessor, the nexus 4, it dons a pair of bigger boots that are proving incredibly difficult for other manufacturers to fill. Initially, Read more…

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