Taipan Shock 13″-15″ Laptop Bag

What We Think

A good bag designed with functionality in mind. It will serve to carry all your gadgets and computer needs comfortably while giving them mild protection from scratches.

Accessory Review

On a basic level, bags are functional items. The best and most useful bags therefore are the ones which are designed with their function in mind, just like the Taipan Shock.
With a large volume of carry-space and plenty of different pocket types, the Taipan Shock fits the bill for an essential everyday rucksack.

The shape of the bag is structured and domed, holding its shape better than a lot of bags do, meaning that the full volume of the compartments can be easily used. The main pocket is large enough for everything you will need throughout the day, including a little zipped pocket and some pen holders just to keep everything tidy. Furthermore, a key clip keeps your keys safe and out of the way on the inside of one of the side pockets.

In addition to the main pocket, the Shock has a large, narrow pocket at the back, lined with a soft material and padded at the base; it is the perfect size to slide a laptop of up to 15″ into, and will protect it from scratches.

The back of the rucksack is padded for comfort, with a material that allows air to circulate. This helps to prevent you from becoming too hot, and the same padding lines the shoulder straps to prevent the Shock getting uncomfortable. This is only helped by the elasticated sternum harness which connects the shoulder straps, helping to settle the rucksack, especially on long journeys or if carrying a heavy load.

Two pockets on either side make use of full sized zips to allow maximum access and room, but are secured with an elastic netting to make the perfect place to store things for quick access. Staying true to its gadget based functionality, a pocket right on the front is the perfect size to store a 7″ tablet.

In terms of design, the material used to construct the bag is both tough and water resistant, while still looking good. A slate grey colour, the material is peppered with a lighter weave, giving a more interesting and almost three dimensional look.

The zips are fairly robust, compared to some rucksacks available, especially the cheapest ones on the market, and the bag comes with interchangeable leather zip tags of different colours. This lets you add a dash of colour to the look, and although it is a nice touch, it doesn’t make the bag hugely customisable.

The Shock has a nice little feature that prevents hanging straps getting in the way. Velcro fasteners allow the straps to be rolled up and secured out of the way.

One of the major concerns when taking your laptop and gadgets out and about is getting separated from them. It is worryingly easy to leave your bag on the train or bus, or to find some other creative way of losing your belongings, but Booq have taken steps to try and resolve these easily created, yet highly stressful issues. Each bag has a unique serial number attached to them on a metal label. When you’ve bought your bag, if you register it (for free) online at Terralinq.com, you can be put in contact with anyone who finds it and reports it as found.

At the time of writing, the Shock is available in the UK for around £80 while the website directs you to Amazon.co.uk to purchase the rucksack, or in the USA for about $95. This is quite expensive for an everyday rucksack, although it is a good looking, high functioning rucksack.

Our Verdict

The Taipan Shock is a great looking and functional bag that will help to keep your tech safe, and provides plenty of room for everything else you will need during the day. However, you need to weigh this against the price and decide if the price tag is worth it.

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