be-ez LA Robe Ipad case

What We Think

On first glance, this iPad case seems like nothing out of the ordinary. After some use, it becomes apparent that the case does exactly what it’s advertised to do: protect your device. Very much recommended for people that want to carry their iPad around with them without having to worry about being a little rough on it.

Accessory Review

The design is nice and simple and comes in 2 interestingly named colour varieties: raspberry and wasabi. We think it could do with being distributed in a couple more colours for those that are truly conscious about accessorising perfectly.

At first, the material feels very strange, but this is for a very good reason. The LRPu (low resilience polyurethane) technology is made in a soft memory shape material. This keeps the case light while still offering the same, if not better protection as the heavier cases available on the market. The memory shape means the iPad will indent in to the case meaning extra protection if you have an outer case on the iPad itself. The low-profile design is perfect for slipping in to your backpack or briefcase as it’s slim and has nothing sticking out anywhere to get caught on anything.

The only real downside we found to this case was the zip. Whilst it does offer that extra bit of protection, it also hinders regular use of the device, as you have to zip and unzip it every time you want to use it. This might be fine for a laptop, but not so much on a tablet.

Our Verdict

Overall a very strong player in the iPad case market. The price is very modest for the extra protection you’ll get, but we don’t really recommend it for people who will be using their device regularly.

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