MediaDevil Easyscreen Screen Protector

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If you want a screen protector that you know will work and will be easy to apply and do not mind paying for this privilege then it is strongly advised to purchase the MediaDevil Easyscreen screen protector.

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The mediadevil, hassle-free screen protector is the next-generation of screen protector and to be honest they are alot easier to apply, in this case to an iPad 2, than most other screen protectors.
This is due to the fact that Easyscreen uses no adhesive to stick to the viewable area of the device’s screen. Instead, adhesive is only used around the Easyscreen border, which is coloured (10 colour options are available) to ensure that even if there is any air trapped under the adhesive border it is not visible.
Furthermore, the matte surface also means that it is anti-glare, helping to reduce fingerprint smudges and screen glare. More importantly, the screen protector does not in anyway reduce or alter the touch sensitivity of the device.
However, you may notice a slight pixellation of the screen. Yet, it is true that this is an unavoidable and natural effect created by the Matte frosted texture. It just so
happens that the mediadevil, matte clear edition screen protectors feature very little pixelation.
If you’re after crystal clear visibility then you are better off opting for Mediadevil’s Magicscreen Crystal Clear edition screen protectors instead.

To keep it simple though the Easyscreen protector is extremely easy to apply as compared with the first generation Magicscreen products, and does not in any way impact the touch screen sensitivity. More importantly, when we lent our iPad 2 to a 16 year old and a group of his friends to get their grubby finger tips all over it there was not one fingerprint!


Overall, if you’re after a screen protector that is easy to apply and reasonably priced, as well as knowing that the company offers a high standard of customer care then this is certainly the option for you.

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