Adidas Originals iPhone 5 and 5s case

What We Think

A practical phone case that is nice and strong, but it does leave the inlets and buttons of the phone rather exposed. Personally, I’m not a fan of the design, but even those who do like it may be put off by the cheap appearance.

Accessory Review

The first thing you notice about the Adidas Originals phone case is the design. It definitely promotes Adidas unabashedly with a big logo emblazoned on the back alongside the classic three stripes that the brand is so well recognised by. The back is covered by a faux leather sticker, embossed with the logo, and the three stripes are raised, giving it a look reminiscent of a trainer and plenty of grip. You can see the edges of the ‘leather’ sticker, and it gives the case a slightly cheap look. Some people may fall in love with the design, but be put off by this cheap looking craftsmanship, especially when the case isn’t actually cheap.

Retailing at approximately £20, you want a decent phone case that looks good and will protect well. The case is solid, strong, and is tough to bend by hand, so should protect you iPhone 5 or 5s from any day to day drops and bashes. The Adidas Originals is not a rugged phone case and does not have an inbuilt screen cover, but there are other Adidas phone cases available that will protect the screen. Alternatively, a simple stick on screen protector should do the job if you want this extra layer of protection.

Addidas Phone Case Addidas Phone Case
Addidas Phone Case Addidas Phone Case
Addidas Phone Case Addidas Phone Case
Addidas Phone Case Addidas Phone Case

The inside has a nice little layer of felt-like microfiber, which will help to make sure that the back of your phone won’t get scratched at all. The rest of the material is grippy enough that it should help to prevent you accidentally throwing your phone across the room (don’t laugh, it is possible, I’ve done it,) and it has the Adidas logo and name written on it no less than three times. If you love to sport logos and are proud to support a brand you love, then this could be the phone case for you.

Our Verdict

Overall, a solid and well built case, let down, in my opinion, by the aesthetic design. It should cover enough of the phone to protect it from day to day knocks, and it adds a lot of grip to the sleek iPhone 5 and 5s design, without adding much bulk.

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