be-ez LA Allure iPhone 5 Case

What We Think

If you want to protect your iPhone adequately whilst still keeping it stylish, this is the case for you.

Accessory Review

As soon as you take a look at the LA Allure, you notice the stylish and understated packaging – a design which extends very well to the product itself.

The case snaps nicely on to the phone and is easy to take on and off, unlike a lot of other cases for the newer iPhone models which require unclipping multiple parts in order to remove them. The gaps in the case for the volume, lock and mute buttons are perfectly placed so you won’t catch them too much or find them interfering with normal device usage. One great thing we noticed was that the case doesn’t hinder the camera flash in any way which was a problem we found with many other cases in a similar price range.

The material is lightweight and won’t show scratches easily, which is essential if you want to keep everything looking stylish!

Our Verdict

Overall a decent case. Nothing blindingly amazing or revolutionary though.

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