Case Mate Creatures iPhone 5 Case

What We Think

The perfect case to achieve that unique and quirky look for your iPhone 5

Accessory Review

The Case Mate Creatures series gives your phone a unique and individual look. There’s a huge variety of creatures available including monkey, penguin, elephant, panda, tiger, fish and more.

The case feels quite loose around the edges of the phone but it’s a secure enough fit to ensure the case stays on, which is what counts. There’s plenty of gaps left for basic phone functionality, such as the charger, headphone port, sound toggle and camera along with beveled buttons for the lock and volume keys. After a few days use though, we noticed that the gaps on the bottom began catching on things and became even looser than they were to begin with.

Though the non-slip texture felt great at first, you soon notice it dragging other things out of your pocket along with the phone which isn’t great for those of us who keep our cash in our pockets!

As cute and quirky as the little charm may seem at first, it does get somewhat irritating and feels like it would snap off quite easily.

Our Verdict

Overall, it’s a fairly average case. If you’re more concerned about the way your phone looks than having a perfectly functional case, this is definitely a great choice.

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