Xqisit FlexCase – iPhone 6 Case

What We Think

A flexible and tough case, which fits perfectly around your iPhone 6, this is a promising case. It has grip, functionality and also a nice, sleek design, with the transparent case showcasing the whole of your iPhone.

Accessory Review

The Xqisit FlexCase, for the iPhone 6, is easy to clip onto your phone, and provides a secure fit. It was relatively easy to remove the phone, which is important because although you don’t want to struggle to take it off, if it is too easy this can mean the case is not very secure. Also, it is far from bulky, slipping into your pocket with ease.

However, its design can divide opinion. I consider it to look quite sleek and stylish, especially as it can show the entirety of your iPhone, but others may think it looks quite cheap because it is plain.

Made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), it is a flexible yet tough case, resistant to oils, grease and abrasions. Of course, these issues are very important, and for a relatively cheap case to perform each of these functions effectively is quite impressive.

All of the ports are easily accessible, which is paramount to a good case, and all of the corners are rounded. The hole for the camera is a good size, not too small that it restricts its viewing range but also not too big that it is left rather unprotected.

There is also the option to purchase an additional black (opaque) case as a bundle of two, enabling you to switch your cases around as you desire. The two-pack typically costs approximately £15.

Our Verdict

Overall a fairly impressive case, mainly for the value, with the transparent design giving it a trendy, unique look. Due to it being a flexible case, it does not provide quite as much protection as hard-shell cases, so if you want greater defence for your phone, then you will probably want to consider alternative cases.

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