iPhone 5 Classic Soft Touch Case

What We Think

The Pong soft touch case is its vibrant colour. Pong have done a very nice job of creating a colour that is bright, but still very attractive and classy.  It feels like a high quality case in your hand.  It truly lives up to its name.  While the case is not actually ‘soft’, it feels that way to the touch.

Accessory Review

All the cut outs and openings in the Pong Soft Touch allow for easy access to your phones controls and physical buttons.  The camera cut out does induce a slight glare when using the flash, but without the flash, there is no effect on the picture-taking ability whatsoever. The nice thing about this case is that it protects from radiation.  This fact has been verified by multiple independent laboratories.  The bottom line is that it truly does decrease radiation.

As is the scenario with most low-profile iPhone cases, this isn’t the most protective option out there.  You won’t get much cushion for your phone in the instance of a hard impact, and your screen is left vulnerable.  If you’re the type who likes to keep your screen protected, a screen protector would make a good companion for the soft touch.

Our Verdict

Pong research has managed to do a remarkable job at making this case extremely pleasing to look at.  Not only are you protecting your head and your phone, but you’re doing it in style.  Overall, we were extremely happy with the Pong soft touch, and feel confident recommending it to anyone concerned with their phones radiation output.

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