Spigen Tough Armor for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

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The Spigen Tough Armor case is the big brother to the Slim Armor case for the iPhone 6. Featuring a changeable back and multi levels of protection, it is a great looking case that will sturdily protect your phone.

Accessory Review

Spigen is a much loved brand that have made a trustworthy name for themselves in the phone case market. The Tough Armor lives up to its brand’s reputation.

The first thing I thought when I saw the Spigen Tough Armor was that it does actually look like armour. The case is made of two pieces, a black, flexible TPU inner case that hugs your iPhone, and a metallic coloured, plastic cover which half hugs, half clips onto the inner section.

The two sections give it a nice look, with the black section acting as highlights on the edges, buttons and ports, and the outer case giving it a chic look. It angles down towards the edges, making a sleek but strong look. It truly looks like a case which was built to protect, a look only promoted by the embossed “Tough Armor” on the side.

Despite giving it some rigidity, it seems that the tough outer case is mostly there for design. It does, however, come in several colours to choose from so that it adds a slight customised feel to the phone. The real protection, however, comes from the TPU inner sleeve.

Tightly hugging onto the phone, it isn’t going to shift or let the phone drop out, and snugly covers all corners well. It is at the corners that the Air Cushion technology is most evident, padding out the sections which are most likely going to bear the brunt of a drop.

The inside of the TPU is spider webbed with a springy design that helps the cover snap back from any bends or shocks, and helps with impacts.

The TPU layer fully covers the buttons of the iPhone, giving access through coverings made of the same TPU material. It protects, and the transfer from case to phone is so good that it is unnoticeable.



The holes for the ports and speakers are clear and unobtrusive, the camera is left recessed, and so protected, and there is a clean cut circle which shows off the Apple logo.

In fact, the TPU even helps the entire case protect itself. A slight raise on each corner helps to keep the whole unit raised, prevent scratches to the plastic outer cover, and keep the phone stable when set down on a flat surface. The material is grippy enough that your phone won’t slither off a table or go flying from your hand, a factor aided by the angled sides of the outer plastic case.

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