Patriot Fuel iON iPhone 5/5s Magnetic Charging Case

What We Think

A great charging system which combines quick charging with ease of use, wireless connections and versatility. You’ll wonder how you managed without it.

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The Fuel iON charging case and stand from Patriot combines functionality, ease of use and protection.

Made of a brushed metallic material, the case envelopes the back and sides of the iPhone 5 or 5s, and holds it securely in place. Getting cases on and off phones can usually be a struggle, but this is not the case with the Fuel iON.

Sliding down the charging connector at the base allows you to lever your phone easily into the case, and then lock it in with the connector. The reverse lets it be taken out just as easily. Despite this ease, it is still held securely.

The sliding connector at the base of the case unfortunately requires an extra few centimetres of case length to protrude from the bottom of the phone. However, Patriot have made the most of this, and incorporated extra speaker holes and space for the auxiliary jack into the design, making it less obtrusive.

In terms of protection, covered corners will protect your phone from everyday knocks and bumps, but there is no inner padding, which helps to keep the case streamlined. The case is ever so slightly deeper than the phone so the screen has a protective lip around it and shouldn’t make contact with any flat surface it is placed on, protecting it from scratches.

However, it is important to note that this isn’t a rugged or protective case, it is a charging case. The semi-wireless charging that the Fuel iON case provides is fantastic. A neodymium magnetic back firmly snaps it onto the dock. The dock, be it the flat charging pad, the stand, or the car dock version then plugs into the wall, car socket or computer, via a standard USB to mini USB wire.

This is helpful to those using the iPhone, which doesn’t have a standardised port like the majority of modern phones, as they are less likely to be caught short without a compatible lead to use. Furthermore, the case itself can be used to charge the iPhone via a mini USB lead, so it doesn’t matter if you are left without the charging dock either.

The car mount and stand docks are incredibly well designed and useful. The stand holds the phone upright at a comfortable viewing angle, so not only charges the phone, but is a great aid if you want to watch a video or browse hands free. The magnets align on any 90 degree angle, so you can easily have the phone supported in a portrait or landscape position, and easily rotate between them.

The car mount is likewise flexible and will hold at any 90 degree rotation, and therefore will serve as a secure sat-nav mount. Simply touch your phone to it and it will hold there until you pull it off again. The base of the car mount is an adhesive suction cup, so doesn’t just rely on suction to hold it in place, giving an extra level of security.

Wireless charging can suffer from a reduced charging speed in a lot of other wireless products. The Fuel iON is claimed to charge the phone just as fast as being plugged directly into the wall, and I noticed no lag or slow down while using it. This is because the magnet on the case makes a solid contact with the stand’s connectors to transfer the power directly into the phone’s power input, rather than try to transfer it an alternative way.

The case is available in forms compatible with the Samsung Galaxy 4, Samsung Galaxy S5, and Samsung Note 3. My only major issue with this phone case is that it isn’t available for more phone models, as I’d love one for my Google Nexus (hint, hint, Patriot).

Our Verdict

Patriot’s Fuel iON charging case makes charging your phone incredibly easy and second nature. The car mount and stand add an extra layer of usefulness, and the case provides a moderate amount of protection. It is available in a bundle including a case, stand and car mount charger for £99.99, and it is available from the Carphone Warehouse.

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