Pong Research iPhone 4/4S Leather Touch Case Blue

What We Think

A great iPhone case that not just protects your iPhone from drops and scratches but also protects the user from radiation from your phone.

Accessory Review

An iPhone case that is FCC Certified which simply means that the case is able to reduce redirect radiation from your iPhone. However, not is the case just FCC certified. Pong is proven to reduce SAR up to 95% below FCC limits. More imporantly, the case is sleek, stylish and rather nice just to hold in your hand without adding unnecessary bulk.

However, does the case really work? The case may come with FCC certification but does the protection actually help? The iPhone case may look good but what really makes this iPhone case stand out is its claim to redirect your iPhones harmful radiation away from your body. The evidence points to yes. The Pong iPhone case basically lessens the ferocity of the radiation emmitted from your phone whilst also decreasing the rate at which an object absorbs radiation.

The Pong case does not completely eliminate the radiation but it certainly does lessen it. However, the iPhone case does not offer a great load of protection for your iPhone. Yet, at the same time it does offer a decent amount of protection especially from falls and bumps, but it is a miniamlist iPhone case.
Do not be fooled, the case may say that it is ‘leather’ but the ‘leather’ touch case is a faux leather shell that has the perfect texture for both feel and grip. It quite honestly, does not feel anything like leather, at all. In terms of use it means that the iPhone will not just slip out of your pocket buyt at the same time it is easy to take in and out of your pocket.

The design is rather appealing and ergonomically constructed but even though the camera cutout is nicely beveled, there is still, sometimes, minor glare when using the flash. As you would expect the case gives easy access to the phone’s charging port, headphone jack, slider, sleep, volume buttons and unhindered audio from the speakers.

Furthermore, the ‘leather’ finish means that the colour, whatever colour it is that you pick, has a leather textured finish. This does mean that the colour is not solid but it adds an element of style to the iPhone case.

Our Verdict

Overall, the case is a perfect iPhone case, it is worth the extra money and comes along with an iPhone screen cover and cleaning cloth. Even though you may initially be slightly put off by the £39.99 price tag, take my word for it, it is worth every penny. The Leather Touch iPhone case is available in 3 beautiful colors: Black, Cranberry Red, and Cobalt Blue.

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