Huawei E5331 Value MiFi

What We Think

A great piece of kit that anyone who is on the move would find useful and due to it’s ease of use literally anyone can take advantage of this Wi-Fi gadget.

Accessory Review

The Three White Huawei E5331 Wi-Fi modem. Even though it is nothing new in terms of technology it helps that it comes from someone you can trust and quite honestly any of the 3 Huawei E5331 wireless modems, either with 1GB or 3GB of data are certainly a great acquisition.

The device, whether it be 1GB or 3GB, has a number of great touches and as a result it is a device that is great value for money. This is particularlly important when you consider that the technology industry is rapidly changing.

The traditional desktop machine has been unable to meet the demands of people’s busy lifes and even laptops have failed in some regards as a result leading to a great upsurge in the use of tablet and mobile devices.

As a result the way we now use the interent has changed drastically since the days of a dial-tone internet connection. Now it has come to a point where the wireless age has entered the 3G age, even though 3G is not yet completely universal and there are already plans to roll out a 4G connection.

This external Huawei E5531 supports 3G internet access and can connect to five Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time including tablets, laptops and even gaming devices. More importantly, you can setup a secure connection and with press and connect functionality setting up your wireless connection could not be any easier.

Our Verdict

The plug and play feature is rather convenient and it being pocket size and most of all you can even use it on a pay-as-you-go making sure you don’t total up a huge bill. More importantly the device comes with a 1 year warranty so any problems you are covered.

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