Bayan Audio’s Streamport Universal

What We Think

If you dislike the clutter of tangled wires around the house or workplace, this is where the Streamport Universal sits in. Bayan Audio’s StreamPort Universal audio streamer is one answer to help you get rid of a few annoying cables, allowing you to stream ‘near-CD quality’ sound from your smartphone, tablet and/or laptop.

Accessory Review

The Steamport Universal is one of the easiest devices to set up. You simply plug-in a set of speakers and the power cable into the Streamport. Then it is just a case of connecting to the device itself, which can be done easily and quickly with the integrated NFC connectivity and Secure Simple Pairing technology, allowing you to connect your NFC capable device in ‘60 seconds or less’.

The Streamport Universal works with practically any Bluetooth enabled device, including some iOS devices, most Android, Windows Phone and Symbian smartphones, along with some laptops, desktops and Macs.

The design of the Streamport Universal looks great, with a sleek black plastic body plus the Streamport is extremely small, meaning that it can fit easily into any system. On the bottom of the Streamport there’s also a rubber pad, which means it won’t move all over the place when you move stuff around.
During testing, we found that the Streamport worked impressively well, audio streaming was without lag and sound was as crisp as you would expect it to be, with a great range. However, every so often there would be a second of no sound.

Our Verdict

If you need a device to remove the hassle of tangled cables or just a device to allow you to tweet from your phone whilst listening to music at ‘near-CD quality’, the Streamport Universal is a good option available for £59.99.

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