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A cute little speaker with a vintage feel that would look good in a lot of homes. However, the audio quality is poorer than expected for the price.

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The retro speaker would make the perfect addition to the vintage themed home (if you don’t mind a bit of faux-vintage here and there, of course) and even looks great for adding a little balance to any modern setting.
Upon initial inspection, the outside of the speaker seems like it’s fairly sturdy, but the plastic front panel does let it down a little. The faux leather outer shell feels like it might be fairly easy to scuff or damage, which isn’t ideal for a portable radio.

We didn’t get chance to try this bit out, but the Retro Radio also offers you the choice to use the device on battery power. This requires a couple of big batteries.

Disappointingly, it lacks the ability to accommodate any iPhone model below the iPhone 4S. Yup, that means your iPhone 4 is already too outdated for this particular dock. It does offer the ability to let you plug in an auxiliary cable using a standard 3.5mm jack, though. Unfortunately, the auxiliary cable doesn’t come with the dock, but you can pick them up for a fairly reasonably price online or in your local electronic shops. Alternatively, you can get a version with the classic 30-pin connector, but if you ever plan to update your iPhone or iPod, it would make this radio useless.

The sound is a little lacking, and I’d definitely expect more for the price. However, for something that looks so pretty, there was bound to be a trade-off somewhere.


Overall, if you’re more interested in the aesthetics of a product than its actual capacity to perform, then this is a great choice. If you’re more of an audiophile then there’s probably another option for you out there. It looks really great though, and that’s why I love it!

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