Stelle Audio Pillar

What we Think

A great looking speaker with audio to match, but one that is still quite expensive.


The first thing you notice when you take the Stellé Audio Pillar out of the box is simply how great it looks. The tall cylindrical speaker has a bold but simple shape and the one I have has a Brushed Aluminium finish and immediately looks at home in any room, with any decor.
The Pillar comes in several different designs. As well as the Brushed Aluminium pictured, there is a Pewter, a Bronze and a Matte Black finish, all of which look incredible.
Standing at just under 12 inches and measuring a little less than 4.5 inches across, the Pillar weighs 3lbs (1.4kg). Although not tied down to one spot due to its fifteen hour rechargeable battery life, the Pillar is only portable in the sense that you can move it from room to room. It is fairly hefty and large compared to most portable speakers, and the shape makes it hard to hold. So although it shouldn’t be classed as a portable speaker, it is incredibly easy to move it around the house to wherever it is needed.
There are four clear, back lit buttons on the top of the speaker, one to connect via bluetooth, one to activate the speakerphone function and two to control the volume.
The on/off button is on the side near the base of the pillar and it fits seamlessly into the contours of the pillar, keeping the bold silhouette perfect. The combination of great design and technology means that the cylindrical shape is preserved by not having any wires jutting out the side.
One nice little bonus is that the speaker comes with a set of adapters so that you can plug it in anywhere around the world. A simple addition that just shows it was made with thought.


The most important aspect of a speaker is the sound that it produces, and the Audio Pillar sounds incredible. Sporting a 3″ subwoofer and a pair of 1.5″ acoustic drivers, the sound is spot on.
Being a semi-portable speaker, it can be expected that the Pillar wouldn’t put out sound as perfect as a full sized installed speaker system, and admittedly the bass doesn’t live up to having a separate sub, but the sound is impressive considering the size. Vocals come out great and it deals well with all the genres of music I tried out on it. If you are looking for a small scale replacement of a larger system, you wouldn’t go far wrong with the Pillar.
Connecting the speaker is really easy. There is a ‘link to device’ button on the top that will connect it to any device with bluetooth enabled in range. With some devices you will have to enter the bluetooth menu on them and select the Pillar to pair, but this is still easy and efficient to do.
If you don’t want to use bluetooth however, the speaker comes with a 3.5mm AUX wire that you can easily plug into most devices.
This speaker is very loud for one that runs off a battery and is light and small enough to be easily moved from room to room. Being able to control the volume from both the connected device and on the speaker itself is useful for precise volumes as the loudness steps up quite sharply when using only the speaker controls, but crank both up to full and it is loud enough that your neighbours will very quickly come banging on your door.
The battery lasts for a supposed 15 hours but the life will change depending on how loud you play it. It comes with a charger, and, as mentioned, six adapters so you can take it on your travels.


The speaker is quite expensive for the size of it, at £299. It seems to be targeted at people who are after beautifully well designed items and it will fit in perfectly with any strong, modern decor.
It is stocked in Apple stores across the country in the UK now, having been originally release in 2013 in the United States.


The Stelle Audio Pillar is a very impressive piece of kit. It looks incredible and doesn’t compromise sound quality or volume for its size. It will look at home in any house and the semi-portability of it, while leaving you unable to take it out and about, gives it a freedom that a lot of speakers lack. It is, however, fairly expensive, as you can expect such an impressive product to be.

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