Acer Tablet Reviews

The tablet market is a tough crowd, dominated by the Apple iPad range. However, Acer are a strong competitor and sell a range of affordable tablets.

Acer’s tablets, known as the Iconia range, generally cost around ¬£100, making them a good option if you want an affordable tablet.

Acer Iconia A3 Review

Laptops Thinks At the IFA 2013 Acer announced the upcoming release of the Iconia A3 in the coming months. This tablet¬†is Acer’s latest 10inch Android tablet and quite honestly, this is a decent yet uneventful laptop. However, this would be Read more…

Latest review

  • Saturn Pro 10 by Venturer - The Saturn Pro 10 is a very good hybrid for those on a budget, with a number of factors in its favour. It may be outperformed by higher-end devices, but holds its own against the vast majority of devices on Read more…

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